Welcome to the Luxembourg Network Operator Group


LUNOG gathers IT professionals willing to share information and ideas about network operations, engineering and security in Luxembourg. The aim of LUNOG is to improve the quality and agility of network operations in Luxembourg and Greater Region by fostering the free exchange of technical ideas and information between people with diverse backgrounds but common interest in networking.
LUNOG is initially supported and managed by the following companies: Conostix S.A., Fondation Restena, LU-CIX ASBL, LuxNetwork S.A. and security made in L√ętzebuerg G.I.E.

Join us

Share your expertise, ask questions and communicate real-time information with the LUNOG mailing list. Subscribe to the mailing list here! Then you can start contributing actively by sending emails to the community at lunog[a]lunog.lu


A third official LUNOG meeting, LUNOG3, will be organised on November, 2020 at the occasion of the Luxembourg Internet Days event. It will be the occasion to gather all the users of the LUNOG mailing list with the presence of RIPE NCC representatives and Networks experts during a 2-hour WEB EVENT. All users will be invited to join and requested to register, free of charge, a few weeks prior to the event. More information will be shared at this time. Feel free to contact event@lu-cix.lu if you have an expertise you would like to share with a presentation "on stage/screen" at this occasion.